We find experiences are best when everyone has similar expectations of what they can expect so please read through and click the accept button on the bottom of the page: 

The Amigo is, in the end, a simple motel with clean, comfortable rooms. Our property was built in the 50's and 60s with smaller rooms situated next to the highway. Our windows are old, and sometimes the floor might squeak. Please don't book with the expectation we are a 5-Star resort

- The Amigo operates in the similar manner to a good AirBNB. This means that while there are generally staff around, we are not a full service property. Our lobby is open 7:30-12 and then 3-10pm, and we have limited breakfast offerings of coffee, tea, yogurt, fruit and cold water (which is available most times of the day - just ask!) 

- For stays two nights and under, we don't offer full cleaning service, but we are happy to take out your trash and get you new towels whenever needed (just hang the door tag outside when you leave for the day). For stays 3 nights or longer, you can simply coordinate with our staff to let us know when/if you want your room cleaned. 

If you've read our reviews, you'll see that the vast majority of people genuinely enjoy their experience at the Amigo, but some things are best made perfectly clear!