Looking to host an event our Group at the Amigo?

While our motel isn't set up specifcially for groups, we do host events on occasion.  Here is a basic rundown of what we can do or have done in the past: 

General GroupsIf you have a group and are expecting to need more than 5 rooms, please contact us directly.  Depending on the dates, we can likely place your rooms together and perhaps offer a discount on the stay. Please understand that we need to place these group buys on ONE invoice to qualify for a discount.

Wedding Groups: We get lots of requests for wedding room blocks or buyouts, especially in the Summer. There are several ways we can go about this:

- If you want to block some or all of the rooms to be used exclusively by your guests, we can do that, but we do require a deposit and you are responsible for unfilled rooms (ie, no refunds if rooms remain unused). Your guests would have to contact us directly through email or phone to claim their rooms as when we block rooms, they do not show up online.  

- If you do not want to be responble for filling the rooms, depending on the time of year, we might be able to offer a discount code for your guests to use.  Generally on weekends between Memorial Day and Labor Day, we can not offer discounts as this is peak season. 

- Buyouts/Events: if you would like to host your wedding and want exclusive use of the hotel to set up tents, please contact us for rates and availability. 

EventsIf you need all the rooms to host a company or an event, please contact us and let us know a little about your event.  We'll try to piece everything together and figure out what might work.  

Our Spaces: If you havent stayed with us before, here is a quick rundown of our property:

- Two long buildings on 1.25 acres along Highway 50 about 1 mile from the center of Salida. The building on the west side houses our king rooms, lobby and sunroom. The east building houses our double queen rooms, one large king room and the indoor bathrooms for the trailers. 

- We currently have 8 King rooms (single King bed for 2 people) and 7 Double Queen rooms (two queen beds for up to 4 people). That's a total of 22 beds. By the Summer of 2018, we will have added one more King room as well as 4 restored trailers. The trailers will genearlly have one Queen-ish size bed with one trailer also having two bunk beds. This will bring our room count to 16 rooms and 4 trailers with about 27 beds.  Given that we are able to sleep anywhere from 27 to about 50 depending on bed occupancy.  

- In addition to the rooms, we have a community Sunroom (about 20'x20' with a fireplace and seating) a walled courtyard with seating and a fireplace, a lobby (about 18'x30'). We also have a center landscaped inland that includes a hot tub, seating and more fireplaces depending on season.