Hello friends! Also, hello to anyone who might’ve accidentally stumbled upon this blog while searching for local Mexican cuisine. (Yeah, I know you just wanted to find a reasonably priced chimichanga – but like it or not, you’re here now.)

It’s been a good while since I’ve sat down and put pen to paper, so to speak, and I think we’re probably overdue for an update. The only problem? I don’t exactly know where to begin. Sure, I could gush about sweet baby Moffet, and how fulfilled pet-motherhood makes me feel. (Please see image of adorable puppy below.) Or I could delight you with tales of the Hell’s Angel who set up camp at the motel, and has since been run out of town. (Not pictured.) I could even compile a seemingly endless list of everything I miss about the city, but by that same token, I could also list a myriad of things that I love about living in the mountains.

The truth is that everything about life is so completely different, I haven't quite figured out how to feel about it yet...

I know that in theory, there are few things more romantic than running away with the person you love and building a life together. It’s exciting. I’d be lying if I told you otherwise. However, I think it’s easy to buy into the escapist fantasy that Philip and I are off living some glamorous adventure in the mountains. Don’t let the perfectly staged Instagram shots fool you! We deal with some questionable folks on a daily basis, we sleep on a floor-bed, we have approximately 4.5 friends (combined) and we clean other people’s pubes out of motel shower drains.

THAT is our reality… But it’s just one side of it.

On the other side, we have complete creative freedom. We don’t have clients or bosses weighing in and making changes as they see fit. We get to do this thing however we damn well please! And that’s pretty cool in my book. We also have the ability to make our own schedule, which typically involves skiing at least twice a week. AND, even though there are moments when I’d literally maim a stranger for some alone time – I get to share my life with the person I love! And did I mention that our dog is really stinkin’ cute?

So all in all, it's been kind of a mixed bag so far. There are some days when I question it all, and other days when I know I’m right where I need to be. It may be a total cliché, but sometimes you’ve just gotta take the good with the bad. Or I guess in this case, you’ve gotta take puppies and true love with other people’s pubes. (Still needs some finessing, but I'll work on it.)