We’ve been in Salida for about a week now, and it has not been without its ups and downs. I’ve been skiing, broken down in tears on the way to lunch, shared a boot full of beer with some locals, cleaned a few motel toilets and learned to cook! (To clarify, the cooking and motel toilets are completely unrelated. That was poor placement on my part.) I’m also thrilled to report that I’ve been recruited by the local roller derby team, but that’s not really what this post is about. 

What it IS about: the valuable lessons I've learned in this past week.

Lesson Number 1: Contrary to what the movies might depict, pouring a beverage into your average run-of-the-mill hot tub DOES NOT magically transform it into a hot tub time machine.

Someone decided to give it the ole’ college try over Thanksgiving holiday, and as it turns out, it just breaks the control panel and causes a heap of other issues. Along that same line of thinking, if you own a hot tub and plan on leaving town for a week: LOCK IT UP. People will use your hot tub, and they will pour cheap whiskey in it.

Lesson Number 2: If you want to start a business with the word “Scout” in the name, prepare to face the wrath of the Boy Scouts of America.

After working closely with a trademark attorney, we quickly discovered that the BSA have a pretty serious hold on the name “Scout” (and any other variation of that word). The Boy Scouts may not seem like an intimidating bunch, but they know how to tie over forty different knots! They would have NO issue keeping our hands tied if they wanted. We went back and forth quite a bit, and eventually landed on a name that we think is equally awesome! Plus, it’s just fun to say.

Lesson Number 3: If you rent out a smoking room to three polish men, give it some time to air out before you try to clean it.

Not much more to say about that one. Just trust me.