Well, it's official. We are nutsWE BOUGHT A MOTEL.

It's crazy to think that just under two years ago, Philip and I casually sat across from each other, shared a pizza, and hatched the beginnings of a plan that would lead to us quitting our jobs, selling our belongings and saying "PEACE" to Dallas. I'm both excited and anxious as I click away on my laptop, trying to show squarespace who's boss. (Yes, I know it's meant to be user-friendly.. but we haven't quite warmed up to each other just yet.)

Anyway, just a few more weeks and then we are off to Salida to begin renovations. Can't wait to get started! Stay tuned for more updates and photos of our progress.

 - Kaitlyn

Photo from our recent trip to Salida – one of the last warm days of the season!