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The Amigo Motor Lodge was something we talked about, oddly enough, on our first date in late 2014. It was just an amorphous idea, but, sure enough, we stand here today as owners of a renovated 50's motel! After going on a few dates, I sold my business and home in Texas and travelled for over a year, while Kaitlyn worked her day job as a designer and copywriter. About 6 months into things, we both decided there was too much of a good thing going and Kaitlyn became a weekend warrior and joining me on the road all over the map. Always keeping in mind the idea for the motel, I kept an eye out on my travels and found a spot in Salida that checked the boxes.  After a lot of blood, sweat and tears, we opened the Amigo Motor Lodge in July of 2016 with many more updates and renovations to come. 

- Philip + Kaitlyn 

Thanks so much for checking us out. Feel free to CONTACT us or find out a little more on the BLOG.  Here are a few posts to get you started: 

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